Sunday, May 06, 2007

Create In Me

Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.

-- Psalm 51:10

"Lord, send a revival.
Lord, send a revival.
Lord, send a revival,
and let it begin in me."

-- from the movie "Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit"

I love the two "Sister Act" movies because I love music and the way music is used in those wonderful little films to glorify our Lord. At first the church choir struggles with poor pitch, bad timing, and many sour notes. But they make dramatic improvements when a Vegas show girl, hiding out from her gangster former boyfriend and impersonating a nun, leads them, using modern, even secular pieces to sing to God. They don't just sing God's praises, they sing to Him. Church choirs everywhere, yours most definitely included, delight in lifting a joyful song unto the Lord. We sing to our Father, and by doing so, praise Him.

The lyrics above were not performed by that little choir, instead sung by a high school choir in competition, and though only a short piece included mainly to give the primary teen actors in the second film something to admire and talk about before taking the stage themselves, it nonetheless struck a chord within me (if you will pardon the pun) and stayed with me over the years. Today those words seem to resonate even more clearly within my heart, for our dear Lord has most certainly sent a revival that began in me.

Spring is the traditional time of renewal, of life emerging once again from its winter slumbers. Easter personifies this with the resurrection of our Lord and Savior and His ascension to His throne and dominion over all the universe. Renewal, rebirth, revival. We all feel it to some degree. I am experiencing it first hand.

While perhaps not completely lost, I had certainly been hiking further and further off the straight and narrow path Jesus teaches us to follow. But the Good Shepherd knew I was in peril, so He came looking for me. He sent some earthly angels to take my hand and bring me back to the safety of the fold. I am still a sinner, and there may be times when you think that, like the character in the movie, I am impersonating something I most certainly am not. I am just so filled with the Holy Spirit that I fear it often overflows and comes flooding out of my mouth (or fingers, as the case may often be). My prayer is to excite everyone I touch with just how much our Savior loves us and how much He offers.

I would like to encourage everyone to not only attend your regular Sunday morning worship services, but to also join a Sunday School classes if you do not already attend one regularly. Jesus taught that one of the best ways to keep Him in our hearts and to stay on His path is to spend as much time as possible with others who seek the same goal, so that we provide support to each other and reinforce positive Christian beliefs. Sunday School offers not only an opportunity to learn something new, but also the chance of teaching others, of helping them, of sharing insights. In this way we all benefit and build a closer relationship to Jesus. By discussing confusing passages or even controversial subjects that Christians are faced with today, we can gain a better understanding of our own goals, our own purpose in life, and the ideals we should strive for. Please, join us. Please take advantage of every opportunity each week to unite with your friends in worship, inspiration and prayer. Take advantage, and take a closer walk with God.

The Lord sent a revival. Now let it continue in us.


St. James Reformed Church, Mt. Pleasnt, N.C. said...

Amen Richard. You say it well.

Anonymous said...

Can you post the lyrics to "Lord Send A Revival" as sung in "Sister Act 2", and by lyrics I mean the ENTIRE song?

Richard said...

They did not play the entire song in the movie, only a verse and the refrain. Here's what they played:

Send a revival
And let it begin in me

Lord, send a revival
Lord, send a revival
Lord, send a revival
And let it begin in me

Well, now we need a revival
To rock this world today

Satan is loose
and on the rampage
That is why we pray

Lord, send a revival
Send it, Lord
Lord, send a revival

Lord, woo-oo-oo-ooh
Lord, send a revival
And let it begin in me

(as transcribed by

This is based on an old hymn that I cannot find (I thought I had the lyrics somewhere, but have looked and looked and cannot find them). Here is a link to another rendition:

Look about half way down the page for

5. Lord, Send A Revival (2:49)

If you happen to find the old hymn, please let me know. :)

Thanks, and God bless!